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Trimble Unveils VerticalPoint RTK System

Trimble Unveils VerticalPoint RTK System

The recent launch of VerticalPoint RTK by Trimble will provide enhanced vertical accuracy and stability of standard single-baseline RTK systems. This system will reduce downtime and costly delays experienced by a number of today’s agriculture land improvement contractors.

When an inconsistency occurs with vertical accuracy, contractors must wait until an accurate signal returns. In some cases, they may have to rework parts of a field that were incorrectly leveled before they realized there was a signal inconsistency. 

“On average, during the summer months, we may see five to six hours a day where we don’t have the level of vertical GPS accuracy that we need to complete finish passes,” says Jarrett Lawfield, owner of Lawfield Land Grading, a custom land leveling business. “At times, all we lack is a finish pass and then we very well may have to stop and wait. I can’t get on to the next job since I’m waiting for the vertical accuracy to be where it needs to be.”

VerticalPoint RTK significantly reduces vertical design errors in leveling and land-forming projects. In fact, Trimble says contractors can experience around a 25% increase in overall uptime. Today the industry experiences about 75% uptime. By implementing VerticalPoint RTK, uptime increases to around 95%.

“The vertical accuracy capabilities of VerticalPoint RTK allow the whole project – from bulk hauling to finish passes – to be more efficient. The more accurate bulk hauling is, the less work to be done while finishing,” continues Lawfield. “From first thing in the morning until the evening or even to the next day, VerticalPoint RTK is consistent and repeats elevation, so it has virtually eliminated the times when we are unsure of the vertical GPS accuracy. It has helped us to be more timely and efficient in our work.” 

“Trimble is excited to launch a world-first technology that enhances vertical GPS accuracy, enabling agriculture contractors to better perform leveling or land-forming operations,” says Josh Shuler, product manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “Our new VerticalPoint RTK system can significantly reduce downtime leading to reduced expenses in labor and fuel while also increasing productivity.”

This patent-pending system, which includes two stationary supplemental rovers for live data collection, is available in North America and Australia as an unlock on Trimble’s FmX integrated and TMX-2050 displays. It also works in combination with Trimble’s FieldLevel II system.

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