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New App Is Uber for Farmers

Since the launch of the AgriFlyNetwork app, crop dusters can now connect with farmers, retailers, and crop experts quicker than ever.

“I saw there was a need for operators to reach employers more efficiently,” says Jeff Wagenknecht, Founder of AgriFlyNetwork, Inc. and industry veteran in aerial application. “Operators in the field tend to keep within their circle, and that can limit opportunities for work. AgriFly streamlines the process by allowing operators to grow their base by working outside of their usual radius, and by allowing growers to find reputable, qualified operators right in their backyard that they may not have found otherwise.”

Comparable to the pin-on-map format of popular ride-share apps, farmers and retailers simply submit a detailed assignment of the acres needing application. The location is then dropped on a map. 

Crop dusters can scan the open positions and share their in-app profiles to ones they are interested in. From there, the farmer can select the operator he prefers for the job. The app includes features like detailed profile and job history screens to make it an all-encompassing database.

During the company’s first year, farmers and retailers can earn 15¢ per acre by using AgriFly. The one-year subscription fee for crop dusters is $5,500, which equates to 40¢ per acre acquired through AgriFly. The subscription also comes with a guaranteed end-of-year reimbursement if fewer than 3,000 acres are acquired. In addition, the company says crop dusters will save $3,000 in the first year if they sign up for the app. 

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