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UPL to partner with Kimitec to commercialize North American biostimulant products

UPL’s Natural Plant Protection (NPP) business unit initially will launch five new biostimulant and nutrition products through the partnership.

The  Natural Plant Protection (NPP) business unit of UPL has entered into a strategic collaboration with Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center (MAAVi IC) to deliver tailored BioSolutions technologies in the United States.

The collaboration with the Spanish multinational Kimitec, and its R&D Center MAAVi, broadens the offerings that UPL will deliver to support sustainable food production while driving greater profitability for growers, say company officials. The long-term agreement includes the development and delivery of BioSolutions products to promote optimal plant development, improved yields, and crop quality, say company officials. MAAVi Innovation Center is providing the technology and Kimitec the distribution rights for five biostimulant and innovative nutrition (BSIN) products that UPL is registering to market and distribute for multiple crops in the United States, including row crops, fruits and vegetables, and tree nuts. UPL is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of BioSolutions, and last year launched Natural Plant Protection (NPP), a new global business unit championing UPL’s comprehensive portfolio of natural and biologically derived agriculture inputs and technologies, say company officials.

“Biosolutions are a core pillar of our global purpose and work to reimagine sustainability for food systems, for farmers, and for our environment,” said Jim Petta, UPL Natural Plant Protection head, North America, in a news release. “Building on the launch of NPP last year, we are proud to partner with Kimitec and its MAAVi Innovation Center to further expand our portfolio of products and technologies, and to offer new and sustainable solutions to address the challenges faced by growers.”

Kimitec Background

Kimitec is a Spanish multinational biotechnology company dedicated to the commercialization of biopesticides, biostimulants, prebiotics, and probiotics for agriculture. Kimitec’s research center MAAVi is specialized in the research and development of biosolutions using a unique research method that taps into the synergies of different natural areas and provides solutions with the same efficacy as synthetic chemistry, say company officials.

“Kimitec’s research places productivity, environmental responsibility, and consumer health at the forefront of the equation,” said Francisco Manzano, senior vice president of business development and strategic accounts at Kimitec.

“UPL is a recognized leader in sustainable agriculture solutions, and this partnership is a natural and important step in our mission to grow a better world. The partnership will establish a BioSolutions product pipeline that has the best interests of U.S. growers in mind,” Manzano continued. “Combining with our significant innovations in research and development, as well as our unique microbial capabilities and ability to breed our own bacteria, will mean better, targeted products that can go to market faster.” UPL is marketing five BSIN products this year through the partnership: 

  • Alfa is a soil amendment based on the combination of two soil probiotics to optimize access to water and nutrients in crops. Alfa is being registered for vegetable crops, strawberries and berries, tree nuts (almond and pistachio), pome fruit and citrus, vine crops, and row crops. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approval is pending.
  • Moto is a plant nutritional supplement that supplies nitrogen to crops and may help optimize conditions for resistance to abiotic stress. It is being registered for cotton, soybean, corn, vegetable, citrus and fruit tree, grape, berry, and root and tuber crops.
  • Velexi is a fermented concentrate of soil prebiotics designed to promote the activity of soil microorganisms, leading to improved aeration, nutrient availability, and root development. It is being registered for cereals, corn, sunflowers, sugar beets, soybeans, pulses, and cotton. OMRI approval is pending.
  • Serenis is a root enhancement liquid formulation. It aids in the improved development of the plant’s root system. Registered crops will include greenhouse and outdoor vegetables, pome fruits, citrus, strawberries, and vine crops. OMRI approval is pending.
  • Cevo is a liquid fertilizer developed to provide nitrogen to crops from a unique formulation process that combines enzymatic hydrolysis and bacterial fermentation. It supports plant metabolism at critical stages for better plant performance. It will be registered for certain vegetables, fruits, strawberries, vine crops, and cereals. OMRI approval is pending.

“Through UPL’s OpenAg purpose, NPP is delivering differentiated solutions that address the challenges of growers — and society — for today and tomorrow,” Petta said. “The strategic agreement with Kimitec’s MAAVi Innovation Center is aligned with UPL’s OpenAg purpose — delivering innovation through our own grower-focused R&D and industry collaborations that bring enhanced value for all stakeholders.”

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