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Valley, Cordoba Technologies partner to develop precision application solutions

As a Valley Irrigation dealer, Santiago M. Prandi wanted a smarter, less time-consuming way to apply chemicals and nutrients to crops.

"Growers are busy and the timing, availability of sprayers, and complex regulations can make applying chemicals difficult,” says Prandi, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Cordoba Technologies, Inc. (CTI). 

Cordoba technology converts center pivots into precision robotic systems to apply crop protection products simply and accurately at any time. Based in Washington state, the company recently teamed up with Valley to further advance adoption of its systems.

"To produce more with less, the growers of tomorrow need advanced solutions that transform the way they farm today," says Trevor Mecham, Vice President, Global Technology Strategy for Valley. "This partnership is our latest step toward a fully autonomous pivot. Smart application is one part of a fully connected farm, and an important aspect of our ongoing sustainability efforts. When we can be more accurate with the products we apply to crops, it’s better for farms and better for the world.”

This investment also allows Valley Irrigation to continue developing and implementing cutting-edge crop management technology that harnesses the power of the trusted equipment in a grower's fields. "Cordoba’s solutions fit our mission of precision, efficiency, and positive environmental impact," Mecham says.

The two companies will continue to research the most effective ways to enhance this technology, innovating, and redefining the functionality of center pivots. “Our goal is to further reduce the amounts of chemicals growers use, support plant health and give growers more crop management options,” Prandi says.

“First and foremost, we are listening to customers,” Mecham says. “Meeting their needs drives advancements in technology that help them do more with the durable structures that are already in their fields. We help growers produce more with fewer resources, making better decisions that provide return on investment and increased profits. Valley Irrigation is changing what it means to have a center pivot.”

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