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VariMax, Climate FieldView partner to bring farmers real-time, data-driven tools

Climate FieldView and VariMax have entered into an agreement that gives farmers access to new tools that provide real-time, data-driven nitrogen and irrigation management recommendations. By selecting from their FieldView account, farmers can now access variable and average flat rate nitrogen and irrigation recommendations on the VariMax system.

Launched in 2019, VariMax offers tools that analyze an existing crop and help farmers incorporate nitrogen and irrigation recommendations into their farming practices. The company uses satellite imagery to sense plants’ needs throughout the growing season in real-time, giving the user the power to respond and optimize the crop’s potential.

“We are excited about making our N-CHECK and WATER-CHECK tools available to Climate FieldView customers,” says Shane Ohlde, founder and chief executive officer of VariMax. “Climate FieldView’s interest in offering farmers and their agronomic partners easy access to VariMax real-time nitrogen and irrigation solutions is a huge win for their customer base. This exciting new opportunity allows farmers to have a winning strategy in a challenging marketplace through the platform of data management solutions.”

Nitrogen management tool N-CHECK provides real-time variable and average flat rate nitrogen prescriptions in minutes. The program uses data from a farmer’s crops and fields to produce a specific recommendation to maximize yield and minimize overapplication.

The irrigation management tool WATER-CHECK uses live, in-field data, locally customized with the water-holding capacities for each soil type, to determine precisely when plants need water. On average, overapplication of water is reduced by 20%. 

“We pursue platform agreements that bring value to our customers’ operations and make it easier for farmers to connect to the tools they choose to use,” says Brandon Rinkenberger, chief customer officer, Climate LLC, and Digital Farming at Bayer. “Farmer feedback plays a key role in this process, and there’s excitement around what this new connection with VariMax can provide our shared customers, especially those managing irrigated acres.”

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