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WinField United, John Deere Connect to Provide Added Opportunities for Farmers

The recent addition of John Deere to its Answer Tech Data Silo allows WinField United to improve the integration and accessibility of on-farm data. The Data Silo, which is the company’s cloud-based data management system, can serve as a secure place to store data and be used with other tools to leverage your data.

“WinField United is always looking for the best solutions to help meet your needs,” says Joel Wipperfurth, lead of digital transformation for WinField United. “Our collaboration with John Deere through our Data Silo is one more way we’re building on that purpose. We look forward to bringing even greater value to the WinField United retail network and to the farmers our locally owned and operated retailers serve.”

By connecting John Deere’s built-in technology to the Data Silo, the need for you to manually enter data is eliminated. This allows planting and as-applied data to flow seamlessly and to populate the tools that bring you better insights.

For example, if you use the John Deere Operations Center, you can feed all of that data into the Data Silo. The information then moves automatically into the WinField R7 Tool, which can send it to the R7 Field Forecasting Tool and the R7 Field Monitoring Tool to evaluate in-season weather and to moisture conditions.

Leveraging Answer Plot Data

If you grow corn, having planting data and hybrid information automatically entered allows you to cross-check it with Answer Plot data. This will help you determine the hybrid’s response-to-fungicide or response-to-nitrogen scores.

Should the crop experience a disease or insect outbreak during the season, or if tissue samples in a particular area are trending behind on nitrogen, the agronomist can alert you to what the field needs. This gives you the opportunity to remedy problems and optimize return on investment. 

“Being a farmer is challenging enough without having to worry about inputting data accurately and wondering whether that data is secure,” Wipperfurth says. “WinField United technology enables you to streamline workflow, update information automatically and, most important, protect your data. This reassures you that you are making your data work as hard as it can and that the insights derived from that data can be used on the farm throughout the season.”

If you do business with a retailer that is affiliated with WinField United, you will have access to Data Silo. Learn more by contacting your local adviser or by visiting

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