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Xarvio Field Manager Launches in U.S.

As farming becomes more complex, Xarvio Field Manager by BASF makes it easy to stay in control, protect your crops, and get the most out of your fields. This new digital product combines the standard visualization of field zones with two features – Spray Timer and Zone Spray. In turn, growers and agronomists will have the ability to identify field-specific disease risk and optimize fungicide applications to improve crop production.

“Farmers are under pressure to increase productivity, while doing so through sustainable and safe methods. Xarvio’s Field Manager is the latest development in digital farming solutions that leverages available data and innovative technologies to help farmers address these challenges to improve crop health and maximize productivity on every acre,” says David Gray, U.S. commercial operations lead for Xarvio at BASF.

Key features of Xarvio

Spray Timer. This weather-driven disease model delivers recommendations to a grower on the right timing for corn and winter wheat fungicide application by combining field-specific data (e.g., tillage practice, last year’s crop) with variety data and local weather data. Currently, there are five winter wheat and two corn disease models in the platform with plans to add more diseases and more crops in the near future.

“An alert will be sent notifying you when there is a high risk in a field,” Gray says. “For example, if there is a potential issue with northern corn leaf blight, the tool will estimate the growth stage of the plant and the predicted weather and then recommend the best time to apply a fungicide.”

Zone Spray. Available for canola in 2019, this product incorporates satellite imagery to identify productivity zones and then creates variable-rate fungicide application maps for use in a grower’s sprayer. Zone Spray automates the process of identifying low productivity zones where a fungicide application is not economically beneficial. As a result, a grower can more precisely apply fungicides to his more productive zones. This not only makes fungicide applications more cost-effective but also improves a grower’s economic return in a sustainable way.

“We hope our field-specific modeling will help growers better prioritize their fields when it comes to managing disease risk and applying fungicide,” he says. 

Xarvio Field Manager is being offered for free during the 2019 growing season. The app is now available in an iOS as well as an Android version and is accessible through the app stores. The company anticipates a subscription fee will be charged for the tool in 2020.

You can learn more about Xarvio Field Manager by visiting

Xarvio Scouting app

The Xarvio offering also includes Xarvio Scouting app. Launched in the U.S. in 2018, Scouting helps growers efficiently monitor fields for diseases, weeds, and leaf damage using a smartphone camera.

“We continue to increase the number of weeds and diseases that it detects,” says Gray. “There are currently about 120 weeds and 30 diseases that the app can identify globally. In the U.S. that translates to about 30 of the most common weeds and about 11 diseases.”

The Xarvio Scouting app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play. You can learn more about the Scouting app by visiting

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