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The Ag Highlight Reel: Ag Community Rallies Around Oklahoma Fire Victims

Welcome to The Highlight Reel. Here you’ll find a recap of recent lighthearted or unusual news. These aren’t the headlines, but the funny, inspiring, or touching stories from across the agriculture industry.

Last week, cool temperatures persisted as snow piled up across the Corn Belt forcing farmers to put planting on hold. Volunteers are being honored around the country this week.

Social media posts about the weather and growing conditions dominated this week, while some farmers shared the way technology impacts thier farm.

Last Week: Farmers Wait for Proper Planting Conditions

While many farmers anxiously wait to begin the planting season, some are finding unique ways to pass the time. A few are getting serious about soil, or spending extra time caring for livestock in the wintry conditions. Others are taking a more lighthearted approach. Here are 21 things you can do as you wait for the snow to melt and soil to warm up.

This Week: National Volunteer Week

Organizations around the country are taking time to thank their volunteers as part of #NationalVolunteerWeek. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) offices around the country are taking time to recognize their farmer partners who are working to help conserve natural resources on their operations.

Share how you’re making a difference in your community by using the hashtag on social media.

Check out this story featuring farmers who volunteer as firefighters.

Facebook: Wildfires Threaten Oklahoma Farms and Ranches

While many farmers and ranchers have been concerned about cold and snow, producers in Oklahoma have battled wildfires. Dry, windy conditions fanned the flames.

Now, agriculture organizations are working to help impacted farmers and ranchers. Hay, calf milk replacer, and other donations are beind directed to producer victims by Oklahoma Extension and Ag Community Relief.

Twitter: Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture

It’s no secret technology has changed agriculture dramatically in recent years. Farmers took to Twitter to share the advantages and disadvantages of technology on their farm.

Trending: Farm Bill, E15, and China Tariffs

The headlines have been dominated by reactions to the drafted Farm Bill, potential new markets fo E15, and trade negotiations with China. Here’s how people in the U.S. were searching for information on the topics.

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