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21 Things to Do While Waiting to Plant

Farmers across the Corn Belt are itching to get in the field to start the 2018 planting season.

But unseasonably cool weather and substantial April snow totals are keeping progress on hold.

Here are a variety of ways farmers are spending their time while they wait, including organizing monitors, doing extra cattle chores, and soaking up the extra family time.

If you aren't quite ready for #plant18 yet, check out these 12 overlooked preplanting maintenance tasks.

1. Organize your monitors.

2. Laugh.

3. Farm on the kitchen table.

4. Extra cattle chores.

5. Support local youth programs.

6. Take the kids sledding.

7. Dig out.

8. Soak up the extra family time... and naps.

9. Take time with tech.

10. Read.

11. Help farmers in areas suffering from wildfires.

12. Go digging.

13. Clean the shop.

14. Write poetry.

15. Put Photoshop and your sense of humor to work.

16. Food farming.

17. Tackle the honey-do list.

18. Build a snow fort.

19. Brush up on handling and safety practices.

20. Bake cookies.

21. Play in the puddles.

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