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This Week in Agriculture, 12.29.2017


Welcome to This Week in Agriculture – or TWIA, for short. We will bring you interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture. Not the headlines, but the curious, funny, and inspiring stories across the land.

1. Goin’ Showin’

Jesse Hoblyn and Colin Gump were headed to the Arizona National Livestock Show when their truck and trailer was struck by a distracted driver. Fellow exhibitors came to their rescue dividing the showmen’s livestock and belongings between three trailers. When the caravan finally arrived in Phoenix safe and sound, more show stock enthusiasts were there to welcome them. Watch this Facebook video to see the welcome party, or see how it all unfolded in this Twitter tread.

2. A Memorable Christmas

Sixty-two years later, this grandpa finally got an FFA jacket of his very own. He loved it, and so did Twitter.

3. Paradise Agriculture in Peril

Different markets, weather patterns, and technology are changing agriculture all over the country, including Hawaii. The sugar and pineapple industries there are no more. Learn more about the challenges facing island agriculture in this piece by the Washington Post.

4. Behind the Scenes

The Peterson Farm Brothers are known for their catchy parody videos, and speaking engagements around the country, but did you know they’re expert mooers? Check out this video to learn for yourself, and get a closer look at their lives on a Kansas cattle farm.

5. The GMO Conversation Continues

GMOs are often talked about negatively in mainstream media and popular culture. Here’s a different take in Avoiding GMOs isn’t just anti-science. It’s immoral. published in The Washington Post.

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