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Twitter Reacts to Trump’s Speech to Farmers and Ranchers

President Trump spoke to a crowd of farmers and ranchers on Monday at American Farm Bureau’s convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Agricultural producers and business people took to Twitter to react.

1. President Trump tweeted his excitement in anticipation of his speech to American Farm Bureau members on Monday.

2. The feeling was mutual. Approximately 4,500 convention attendees started navigating security lines at 6 a.m. to hear the president’s afternoon speech.

3. Thousands more across the country tuned in to watch live coverage of Trump’s speech.

4. President Trump is the first sitting president in more than 25 years to address the American Farm Bureau membership. Many attendees took to Twitter to express their thankfulness for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

5. President Trump assured farmers and ranchers they are not forgotten.

6. The president touched on a variety of topics important to rural Americans in his 35-minute address.

7. Some producers were disappointed President Trump didn’t address their biggest concerns.

8. Several members of Congress acknowledged Trump’s commitment to rural America and thanked him for taking the time to attend the convention.

9. Some people tweeted directly at the president, thanking him for supporting their rural communities.

10. President Trump tweeted, “We have been working every day to DELIVER for America’s farmers just as they work every day to deliver FOR US.”

11. A transcribed copy of the president’s address from the White House is circulating on Twitter.

12. To conclude his speech, President Trump signed two executive orders to increase access to broadband in rural areas. Ray Starling, special assistant to the president for ag and trade, explained the details to North Carolina Farm Bureau.

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