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Tyson Foods Plans to Rebuild Kansas Packing Plant

Tyson Foods to Rebuild Kansas Beef Plant and Pay Workers Following Fire.

Tyson Foods announced over the weekend that it will rebuild its Garden City, Kansas, beef processing plant, which was partially destroyed over the weekend. The fire occurred Friday, August 9, and has shut down the plant indefinitely.  

In a statement released August 12, Tyson officials say they are “still assessing the damage, so it’s too early to establish a time line, but work to clear damage has already begun.”

“This is a difficult time for our team members and their families, and we want to ensure they’re taken care of,” said Steve Stouffer, group president of Tyson Fresh Meats in the statement. “Today, we will notify our full-time, active team members that they’ll be paid weekly until production resumes.” 

Stouffer said the team members may be called on to work during this time to help with cleanup and other projects, but regardless of the hours worked, all full-time active employees are guaranteed pay.

“We’re taking steps to move production to alternative sites,” Stouffer said. “Tyson Foods has built in some redundancy to handle situations like these, and we will use other plants within our network to help keep our supply chain full.”

Stouffer commended plant management for quickly and efficiently evacuating the building. As a result of their actions, there were no injuries reported during the fire. The company greatly appreciates the hard work, dedication, and help from the Holcomb and Garden City, Kansas, fire departments, as well as the Finney County sheriff’s office. 

Tyson Foods operates six plants in Kansas, employing more than 5,600 people. In the company’s fiscal year 2018, it paid $269 million in wages within Kansas and estimated its total economic impact in the state to be more than $2.4 billion. 

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