Living the Country Life Radio

Living the Country Life is the largest rural radio network in the nation. In each segment, radio host Jodi Henke shares tips from experts across the U.S. to help you around your acreage. See the full list of stations airing the show.

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Putting signs on your land

If you don’t want people on your land, let them know with no trespassing signs. Post your signs in places that are easy to see and make your intentions clear.

Septic system turf color

It's not always necessary to dig into the septic system to look for trouble. The color of the turf on top can tell you what's going on underneath.

Household ant control

The ants come marching one by one. Sometimes, it's more like a-hundred by a-hundred. It might seem like a huge fight, but you can get rid of ants invading your home

Farrowing alternatives on small farms

Small-scale pig farmers getting into niche markets often find challenges in raising piglets outdoors. Those are cold weather, and finding alternatives to the farrowing crate.

Winter rose protection

There aren’t many plants more fussed over when going into winter than roses. Roses need protection from the freezing cold, but some need a thicker blanket than others.

Eliminating nuisance firewood insects

As you bring firewood inside this winter, there may be hitchhikers tagging along. Most insects living in the wood are only a nuisance, but there are ways to keep them out.

Last tomatoes of the season

Save those last precious tomatoes on the vine. Even if they’re not ripe yet, there’s a lot you can do with green tomatoes.

Managing bass in the pond

Bass are fun to catch, but for success, they have to be well-managed. Bass populations and sizes depend on the fish that make up their food source.

Why leaves change color

Sunny days and cool nights trigger the trees to go from summer to winter. This transition allows us to enjoy the beauty of fall color.

Temporary livestock fencing

Portable fencing makes it easy to manage a rotational grazing program. Here are tips on how to choose temporary livestock fencing.