Living the Country Life Radio

Living the Country Life is the largest rural radio network in the nation. In each segment, radio host Jodi Henke shares tips from experts across the U.S. to help you around your acreage. See the full list of stations airing the show.

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What's an acre?

Whether you have just a few acres or thousands, you know how much land you own. But what exactly is an acre?

Kidding pens

Goats don't need fancy housing, but when a doe is ready to kid, give her a place of her own. A kidding pen will bring comfort to the new little family.

Winter Landscape Care

Cabin fever is likely to set in about this time of year. Go outside on a sunny day and pick up your spirits by giving your landscape a little TLC.

Conservation practices survey

This spring you might be asked to talk about your conservation practices. The USDA wants to know what motivates you to adopt conservation.

Training kids to be around dogs

Kids and dogs are often best friends, but a child who doesn't know how to interact with a pooch is at risk. Train your kids how to be safe around dogs.

Renting Out Storage On Acreages

Don’t let an empty outbuilding on your land sit idle. Make some money from it. Rent it out as a storage facility for anything from cattle to campers.

Mason Bees

The Mason bee is a native, gentle insect that finds your plants in early spring before the honeybees get busy. Mason bees are also amazing pollinators.

State of the sheep industry

There is good reason for optimism for sheep producers. The American sheep industry is growing especially from the consumer palette for lamb.

Ice fishing basics

Some of the best fishing in a farm pond is done when the water is frozen. A good catch on a nice winter day just might hook you into the sport of ice fishing.