Living the Country Life Radio

Living the Country Life is the largest rural radio network in the nation. In each segment, radio host Jodi Henke shares tips from experts across the U.S. to help you around your acreage. See the full list of stations airing the show.

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Lilac pests and diseases

Lilacs are hardy bushes, but they do have their enemies. Bacterial blight and powdery mildew are two common diseases that you should learn to spot.

Keeping chickens out of trees

Why did the chicken cross the road? To roost in the tree. Some hens prefer a tree branch over a nice coop. And good luck changing their minds.

Pasture brush control

If you haven’t already, now is the time to control woody brush in the pasture. Burning, digging them out and herbicides are your options.

Best practices for trail riding

Trail riding is good for both horse and rider. It provides a nice change of scenery. Understanding trail riding practices will ensure you stay safe.

What to do if livestock get loose

Livestock prefer to stay in the places they're familiar with, but they'll escape if given the opportunity. Have a plan in place to coax them back to where they belong.

Ants on peony buds

Peonies are a beloved spring flower, and the ants love them too. Don’t spray the flowers because ants and peonies are beneficial to each other.