Hiring A Garden Coach

I love my gardens and like to make changes here and there, but I’m not always sure how to do it. Sometimes all we need is a fresh eye to hone-in on a spot in the garden that's driving us nuts, or advice on how to tear it all up and start over. Fortunately, you can hire garden coaches such as master gardeners and other horticultural experts to help.

Robin Haglund is the founder of a garden coaching company, and says coaches empower people to have the landscape they want by teaching them the skills they need.  

"We come out and we meet with the person, maybe sending out a questionnaire ahead of time so we can gather some data. Understand what their goals are, how much time are they willing to invest in the space, what level of detail do they already understand? Then when we get together, we take a look at the space together and get to know each other," says Haglund. "And out of that, we can develop a program."

Haglund says sometimes it only takes a couple of hours of teaching to pull everything together. However, you and the coach decide how many sessions will be needed to accomplish your goals. 

"There may be a session where someone comes in and teaches you how to prune, and that comes out of understanding how plants grow. They may teach you how to understand your soil. Where to take soil samples, why you send them in to labs for testing," she says. "They may come in and help you evaluate your spaces for design, so taking a look at how to maximize usage for patios, for decks, and things like that."

Most garden coaches focus on empowering you to do the work yourself. However, there are some who get their hands dirty. They'll help you design your garden, plant it, take care of it, and harvest the produce, sharing their expertise with you along the way.