Rat birth control

Rats have been plaguing us for centuries. Where there is one rat, there will be a lot more. Once a female starts reproducing, she can have 15,000 descendants within her year-long lifespan. An Arizona company called SenesTech has developed birth control for rats that will prevent them from ever having grandkids.

Ken Siegel is the company CEO. He says their EPA-registered rat contraceptive is called “ContraPest”. The concoction is like a “rat milkshake”.

"It’s a liquid product, it is very tasty, rats actually love it. It’s in a bait station that’s only accessible to rats," says Siegel. "They drink it and in the case of both males and female rats, they become incapable of reproducing and the effect lasts for 50-70 days. A rat actually lives around a year, but that effect, as long as they continue to consume it, stays for the rest of their lives."

Siegel says the contraceptive is environmentally responsible and has reduced rat populations by up to 95% in a wide variety of urban and agricultural settings. The rat downfall is accelerated by combining it with other integrated pest management solutions.

"So, you can use your poisons, you can use trapping, you can use fumigants, all the various other pieces. You also need to focus on exclusion, removing refuse, etc. And then ContraPest will take those results, dramatically improve them, and the critical difference is once the population goes down, as long as you continue to use ContraPest, the population won’t come back," he says. "You can eventually wean yourself off of the more toxic solutions."

This new contraceptive technology is available in all 50 states.