Toy train barn

Buck Guthrie has been collecting toy trains practically forever. Since he was five-years-old, he knew that someday he would have his very own toy train museum. Fast forward a few decades. He’s still collecting trains, and has turned his dream into a reality.

Buck and his wife Jan restored an old dairy barn on the family farm in Argyle, Wisconsin. He turned it into his beloved toy train museum, where he could share his love of the railroad with the public.

"There’s all different sizes and scales. Usually a collector collects one kind, like an O gauge Lionel or an American Flyer, or they collect HO. But, I’m building a museum so I just collected everything, and you’ll see everything here," says Guthrie. "The layouts inside this barn are awesome because I used all different sizes and scales of the trains."

The collection is also part of railroad history. He has some trains that date back to the Civil War. Metal was scarce during World War II, so manufacturers would make toy trains out of soup cans. He says it’s interesting to look inside a train car and see Campbell’s soup stamped inside.

The variety of trains is amazing, but Buck says he really enjoys creating the animated layouts. He uses appliances and spare parts to make every scene come alive.

"There’s a chicken rotisserie, hangs on the ceiling, which makes the airplanes fly around at the airport. There’s a med flight helicopter coming off the hospital, cars are driving down the streets. There’s a house on fire with real water coming out of the fire truck," he says. "There’s a home there with a pool party going on, people are actually swimming in the pool."

During the summer, you can ride a train around their property.