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Terminating cover crops

Cover crops that don't winterkill will need some sort of management in the spring before the cash crop can be planted. And, some cover crops left to their own devices will get out of control. Listen in as Successful Farming's Megan Vollstedt talks termination with a cover crop grower and an extension specialist.
05.20.2020 | Audio

Cover crop champion

Lee Tesdell's cover crop championship "trophy" is the many benefits and improvements he's made on his farmland. In this podcast, Successful Farming's Megan Vollstedt talks with Tesdell about the six main reasons he uses cover crops on his farm.

Dealing with soggy soil

This spring could shape up to be a soggy one in some areas, especially with already-saturated ground from last fall. Listen in to learn the most important soil conditions for planting, consequences for planting into mud, and at what point do you consider switching hybrids.

Get the sprayer ready for spring

You and your sprayer are itching to start rolling in the field. But before you do, here's how to give the sprayer a thorough check over, make sure old chemicals are washed out and new chemicals properly mixed, and also how to get yourself mentally ready for the task at hand.

Transitioning to no-till

Long-time no tillers report multiple benefits from making the leap from tillage to no-till. Here’s how to do it, what to expect, and how long it takes.

Hope For Hemp

There is a lot of uncertainly in the hemp industry, but a Minnesota corn and soybean farmer is forging ahead. Leigh and Shana Barry raised and harvested a hemp crop in 2019 to market for CBD oil. After going through one full season, this is the story of the successes, the failures, and the advice Leigh has for other farmers interested in growing hemp.

Ag Resource Management

Farmers can get traditional financing through banks, government programs and more. Ag Resource Management is a relatively-new specialty lender that brings financial and risk management solutions to farmers and agribusinesses that serve farmers.

Failing Fast Forward

When farming isn't profitable, you have to make hard decisions and often very quickly. Hear how one woman saved her operation during the Great Recession, and the advice she gives other farmers to help them through similar situations.

Banker-Speak For Beginning Farmers

Most beginning farmers need to borrow money for their operation. Understand your lending options, the financing process and how to communicate with your lender.