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Transitioning the farm to your kids and the in-laws

Transitioning the farm to the kids also includes their spouses. Author and expert farm family coach Elaine Froese talks about communication between parents, kids, and how to deal with the in-law factor on the farm succession journey.

2022 grain market outlook

Who's planting what this year, and what are the expectations? Successful Farming's Mike McGinnis and Al Kluis of Kluis Advisors discuss the 2022 grain market outlook.

The stock cropper

In just 18 months, Zack Smith learned how to "bio-hack" his way into higher crop production levels and lower costs. His stock cropper method includes sheep, pigs, chickens, a barn on wheels - and an Xbox controller. Successful Farming's Bill Spiegel has the interview.

Barbed wire telephone lines connected the old frontier

Life was lonely for rural folks on the frontier until they discovered they could hack a barbed wire fence and send a telephone signal to their neighbors. Rob MacDougall is an Associate Professor of American History at Western University in Ontario,Canada, and talks about how their ingenuity built a communication revolution.

What on earth is mother nature doing?

How many times have you said to yourself, "this weather is crazy"? Eric Snodgrass is the principal atmospheric scientist with Nutrien Ag Solutions. In this podcast he talks about how the weather affected agriculture in 2021, what he's predicting for the 2022 growing season, and in the meantime trying to help us figure out what Mother Nature is doing.

Growing together for a sustainable future

Bruce Waugh and his son Taylor operate Cannon Valley Ranch in Minnesota. When it comes to making decisions on a multi-generational farm, Bruce says sometimes you have to switch the mom or the dad switch off. Successful Farming's Megan Schilling talks with the two men about farming together.

Growing sustainability

What does 'sustainability' mean to your farm and how is it done? Tom Daniel, a Director of Sustainable Ag for Nutrien Ag Solutions talks about why it can't be the same for everyone. Technology plays a very important role in making sure your inputs are managed properly, and he also delves into carbon sequestration and how sustainable practices can help capture carbon.

The farmer's daughter

Her dream was to become a veterinarian. But Jessica Utesch Wilson left college to come back to her family's Triple U Ranch in Washta, Iowa after a family tragedy. She never left and now manages the operation's cow-calf herd.

Buying seed 2022

You might have sticker shock when you buy seed for next year's crop. Todd Pester with Nutrien Ag Solutions explains why prices are going up, by how much, and how you can save money.

The Unconventional Father and Son

When the neighbors look at you funny, you’re probably doing something right. Barry Little and his son Eli operate the Blue River Ranch in Hamlin County, South Dakota.