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Understanding grain marketing

Whether you've been marketing your grain for years or just starting out, here's a nuts-and-bolts refresher with Successful Farming's Marketing Editor, Mike McGinnis, and Al Kluis of Kluis Commodity Advisors. They discuss basic marketing concepts and terms, how the markets work, and tips on how USDA reports can help you develop a marketing plan.

Protect soil fertility with sustainable practices

Soil health and sustainability is top of mind for farmers and ranchers. DeAnna Thomas talks with Nutrien's Director of Sustainable Ag Retail, Tom Daniel, about understanding soil health and sustainable practices to protect it. You could even compare the concept to your own digestive system.

Tools for soil success in 2021

You've done the soil testing. Now, you have to figure out how to use the results. DeAnna Thomas talks with Nutrien's Director of Sustainable Ag Retail, Tom Daniel, about how technology and sustainability go together for soil success on the farm.

Determining fall fertilizer applications to start 2021 strong

The crops you grow next year may be dependent on the fertilizer you put down this fall. Successful Farming's Jodi Henke talks with Loveland senior plant nutrition marketing manager Eric Moon about the importance of a soil nutrition plan and also how it affects your seed selection.

Pulling and evaluating soil samples

Is there enough oomph in your soil to keep your crops happy and healthy? You don't really know for sure unless you test it. Successful Farming's Jodi Henke talks with Nutrien agronomist Craig Marsh about how to pull and evaluate soil samples from your fields.

Dry corn with ground heat

Who says you have to dry corn the same way as everyone else? Jodi Henke talks with Eric Jellum about his ingenuity and money-saving process of drying corn using a natural resource - heat from the ground.

Preventing soybean loss during harvest

There are a number of conditions can affect soybean yields throughout the growing season. Even if those factors are perfect, the harvest itself has a huge impact on how yields will end up. Jodi Henke talks with Penn State extension agronomist Delbert Voight about how to make the most out of your harvest machinery and its operation.

Bogged down in cranberries

You can't have a proper Thanksgiving dinner without cranberries. Jodi Henke talks with Dawn-Gates Allen, a 4th generation cranberry grower in Massachusetts about how cranberry crops are grown and harvested. And do they really stand in watery bogs wearing waders like we see on TV?

Soil health - the journey from dirt to soil

Gabe Brown struggled with Mother Nature. After 10 years of wet springs, dry summers, hail storms, and bills to pay, Brown decided there had to be a better way. This is the story of his family's journey to soil health, and the book he wrote to help others.