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Harvesting Green Soybeans

Soybean growers may be harvesting beans that are partially green and not as dried down as they'd like. Host Jodi Henke talks with Paul Jasa, an extension ag engineer at the University of Nebraska about what level of moisture is considered harvestable, combine adjustments for beans that aren't quite ready, and why it's important to get out of the truck and assess the plants with your own eyes.

The War On Weeds

Weeds are having a good time in farm fields because the wet spring of 2019 didn't allow for normal weed control measures. You're out of luck with chemical control now, but host Jodi Henke talks with Meaghan Anderson, an extension field agronomist at Iowa State University about what you CAN do this fall to get the upper hand on pesky weeds. Your hands and your combine will be your best tools.

Drying High Moisture Corn

The corn harvest might be late in 2019 with producers bringing it in at less-than-ideal moisture levels. Host Jodi Henke talks with Ken Hellevang from North Dakota State University about handling high moisture corn. Should you leave it in the field as long as you can? What to do and what not to do when drying corn above 21% moisture, battling condensation in the grain bin, and more.

What If There's An Early Frost?

A delay in crop maturity could make corn and soybeans susceptible to an early frost – if that happens. Host Jodi Henke talks with a Purdue agronomist about why growth stage matters, signs of frost damage, how long to wait before you make an assessment, and tips for harvesting and handling frost-damaged corn and beans.

Six Men, Two Countries And One Apple Orchard

Finding seasonal farm labor in the United States is tough. In the Ukraine, finding a good-paying job is tough. This is what happens when two countries work to better each other, one farm at a time. 

SF Podcast Episode 24: Anatomy of a Seed Treatment

When you purchase seed for the next growing season, it often comes coated with protection against insects and pathogens. Host Jodi Henke talks with Syngenta Seed Care Specialist Chad Vest about how and why seeds are treated, how to choose what treatments you need, and does seed color matter?

SF Podcast Episode 23: Getting the Most Out of Your Combines and Corn Heads

Downed corn and wet conditions are just a few of the challenges corn farmers have this fall. Successful Farming's Jodi Henke talks with Machinery and Technology Dave Mowitz and Denny Bollig, farmer and president of Dragotec USA, about getting the most out of your combines and corn heads. Learn how to harvest downed corn, prevent ear and grain losses, and make sure your corn head is operating like a champ for the best harvest possible.

SF Podcast Episode 22: Fall Soil Health Practices

Improving soil health can boost returns on crop production. Host Jodi Henke talks with Jodi DeJong-Hughes, an extension crop educator from the University of Minnesota. Hear about tillage, cover crops, and how to build up your soil's natural immunities against bad things that lie under the surface.

SF Podcast Episode 21: Disease and Insect Challenges in 2018

What insects and diseases challenged corn and soybean growers in 2018? How can producers stay ahead of these pressures in 2019? Listen in as host Jodi Henke and Successful Farming's Crops Technology Editor, Gil Gullickson, talk about the battle against bugs and diseases.