SF Podcast Episode 12: 2017 Production Costs with Steve Johnson

We're back!

After a few weeks without new podcasts, we return with a timely interview with Steve Johnson. 

Steve is the Farm Management Specialist for Iowa State University Extension, bvased out of their Polk County office.

In today's interview Steve and Jason talk about best practices to keep production costs in check during this fourth straight year of weak commidity prices.

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Topic times:

2:22 Steve's introduction

7:30 You've had four years to practice managing fixed costs

12:50 Summer challenge of 2017

18:28 2017 rescue attempts for soybeans

19:30 Widespread use of cover crops, and what that means for production costs

22:00 2017 Estimated costs of production

26:20 Land-owner / tenant relationships

34:00 USDA budget propsal and Farm Bill

39:50 Importance of having a marketing plan, and sticking to it

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