SF Podcast Episode 14: Laura Meany Takes Over the Family Farm

Probably Rose Creek, Minnesota's youngest farmer, Laura Meany discusses growing up on her family's farm, her decision to return to farming after college, and the circumstances that made that happen a lot sooner than planned.

We hear of her love of llamas, a trip to Antarctica and a lot more a long the way.

Making the tough choices when an unexpected tragedy changed everything.

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  • 3:13 Meet Laura
  • 4:00 Growing up on the family farm with her sisters
  • 4:55 Laura always knew she would come back to farming one day
  • 5:50 Adding llamas to the operation
  • 7:40 Antarctica
  • 9:40 September 5, 2016
  • 11:44 Succession Planning
  • 13:00 Finishing college early
  • 20:40 Becoming the primary decision maker
  • 25:10 First time planting
  • 29:10 Tracing the farm to the Civil War
  • 30:12 Keeping busy
  • 32:25 Encouraging young people to consider agriculture as a career


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