SF Podcast Episode 9: Drew Hastings

Comedian, Farmer, and Mayor Drew Hastings took a break from calving to call in to the Successful Farming Podcast, we talk comedy, farming and politics.  

After spending years in Hollywood, Drew decided to return to the midwest to try his hand at farming. Unhappy with the conditions of his hometown, Hillsboro, Ohio, Drew ran for, and was elected mayor. In 2015 he was re-elected to a second term.

Wildfire benefit in Fillmore County, Nebraska, April 7

Drew’s website www.drewhastings.com

Twitter: @drewhastings

01:50 - Drew’s early career owning a warehousing and trucking business

03:25 - Stand-up comedy career

07:00 - Early comedy influences

08:40 - Problem with comedians today

12:55 - The “Hasting’s Rule of Thumb” for transgender bathrooms

16:36 - Leaving Hollywood and buying the farm in southern Ohio

19:20 - First livestock transaction goes awry

22:15 - Vegetable gardening

25:08 - "I don’t like heifers"

26:33 - Urban versus rural perceptions 

28:15 - How the farm is different today than when he started

30:45 - Emerald Ash Borer and replacing hard wood trees

35:10 - How farming has changed the comedy act

39:50 - Advice to comedians considering farming

42:35 - Technology in agriculture

45:00 - Drew decides to run for mayor

53:15 - Advice for Trump

56:58 - Most rewarding aspects of being a farmer/comedian/mayor


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