Successful Farming Radio

The Successful Farming Radio Podcast is an internet version of the Successful Farming Radio Show.

Who's Buying The Land

Land continues to be one of the most profitable long-term investments. Farmers know that, and so do an increasing number of investors.

Cattle Lice Control

Itchy cattle are not productive cattle. Lice can spread quickly through a cattle herd and when animals are itching, they’re not eating.

Hybrid Selection For Silage

Hybrid selection of corn is a big decision for profitable production of silage on the dairy farm. It should have good tonnage and high digestibility.

Kernza Grain

A perennial forage crop for livestock makes tasty grain. Research is underway to feed this perennial grain to humans.

Farming As Medicine

Less anti-bacterial soap and more time on the farm. Learn why agriculture can make you healthier, especially kids.

Hiring on the Farm

Hiring employees on the farm can be a daunting task. As you whittle down the candidates, think about how they’ll fit long-term in your operation.

One Million Bison

For centuries, millions of bison roamed North America. Efforts are underway to bring herd numbers back to that one-million number status.