Successful Farming Radio

The Successful Farming Radio Podcast is an internet version of the Successful Farming Radio Show. See the full list of stations where the Successful Farming radio program airs here.

Cut Hay In AM or PM?

Deciding on the best time of day to cut hay depends on weather, the climate where you live… and did I say the weather?

Tire Water Tanks

Use your old machinery tires as livestock waterers in the pasture. Ice, and even mean bulls can’t destroy them.

Cleaning A Flooded Well

Drinking the water from a flooded well can make you sick. Have the well cleaned and disinfected to make sure the water is safe.

Deciding To Replant

Not every crop comes up the way it’s supposed to the first time around. Stay tuned for tips on how to decide if your field should be replanted.

Assessing Crop Hail Damage

Hail storms can cause severe defoliation on crops and impact yield. Do a stand assessment to determine if you should replant or let it be.

Controlling Farmstead Odors

When you live on a farm, the smell of “fresh country air” might be pleasant to you but not so much for your neighbors. What to do about farmstead odors.

Maintaining Grass Waterways

Grass waterways are an important part of a soil conservation plan. You have to maintain them, so they continue carrying runoff water from a field .