African Swine Fever Response

African Swine Fever is a serious, highly contagious viral disease in pigs that has been wiping out herds in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The National Pork Producer’s Council, the Swine Health Information Center, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are working closely together to help prevent AFS from coming into the United States.

Bill Even is the CEO of the National Pork Board. He says everyone involved in the industry must be on their toes.

"What I need your listeners to understand that are in the livestock industry is we’ve developed a website called," says Even. "We’re encouraging all pork producers as well as packers, processors, truck companies, feed companies – go to that website and understand what a real good biosecurity plan looks like so that we are prepared to share information with our state veterinarians should we have a problem."

Even says if AFS does reach the U.S. there will be an immediate stop-movement of all pigs in the nation while they try to figure out the scope and the spread of the disease. The repercussions will be far-reaching.

"We move about a million pigs a day around this country. And you stop that system, that can put a lot of strain on ok, I’ve got baby pigs being born where do I put them, I’ve got pigs that are ready for market I can’t get them to the packing plant, I’ve got a packing plant I can’t move the meat," he says. "All of those things start to come into play so, preparedness is a very, very, very serious thing."