Ag Cultures

Innovations in agriculture are going on worldwide. Teachers and students in the United States have access to a free curriculum that follows an “Ag Cultures” team as it investigates the world’s food puzzles.

Tera Fair is a communications specialist with the CHS Foundation, which is the charitable giving arm of CHS. She says one of their priorities is developing the next generation of ag leaders, and educating them about agriculture.

"Ag cultures is a project that we sponsor with the University of Minnesota, and over the next four years, our team of explorers as we deem them, is going to travel around the U.S. and the world, and just talk to farmers, talk to people involved in agriculture to kind of show students how we are feeding the world," says Fair.

The first expedition followed the flow of grain down the Mississippi River, and the role that the river plays in distributing grain around the world. The team will visit with farmers, the people who run the locks and dams, and barge operators.

The content is delivered to the classroom with one-to-two-minute online videos, and curriculum is developed for each video. 

Fair says their goal is to show students that there is a place for them in agriculture, no matter what their interests are.

"If there’s an interest in technology, there’s people that do precision ag. If there’s an interest in communications, they can become an ag communicator. If they want to go into the trades, there’s a lot of jobs in agriculture that relate to trades as well," she says. "So, really just anything that you want to do, you can find your space in agriculture."

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