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BVDV Tracker

BVDV – or Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus is a disease that suppresses the immune system in cattle and causes production losses.

Peggy Thompson is a professional services veterinarian with Boeringer Ingleheim Animal Health. She says it’s a silent disease and producers may not know it’s in the herd.

"With BVD you could certainly have abortion losses which would affect the producer’s bottom line, you could have weak stillborn calves that just don’t perform very well," says Thompson. "The virus really suppresses the immune system of those cattle which allows other diseases and bacteria to jump in so you could have increased incidences of pneumonia, increased incidents of scours, and so all of those things are certainly going to cause production losses for that producer."

Like human influenza, the strains like to mutate. They’re named 1-a, 1-b, and 2-a. Thompson says over the past 20-years, they’ve found that the 1-b strain is responsible 78-percent of the time.

There is a new website to help producers track and understand the disease. It’s

"And on that website you can find anything you want to know about the disease BVDV itself, how it’s transmitted, the clinical signs, things you would find there," she says. "We’ve also got a map where we are showing where we are actually doing sampling across the country and being able to show that that one B strain is the one that we are seeing most often."  

Producers with BVDV in the herd can submit the case on the website and receive help to get through it.

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