Collecting ag technology data

Solving problems with your farming operation and noting where you can make improvements is a whole lot easier when you can retrieve data from a precision ag product. You want a system that ensures every pass across the field is documented and integrated into the equipment. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens without a lot of fuss and effort.

Kyle Plattner is the senior product manager for mobile and monitoring at John Deere. He says to have your goals in mind when choosing a platform, but you can’t foresee everything you’re going to want to do with the data.

"I think that there is all sorts of analysis and things that we’re able to extract value out of data that you find out long after you’ve been collecting it. And so, I think even before you identify all the goals you could possibly have with collecting data, step one is to just make sure you’re getting it," says Plattner. "And that just starts with choosing the right player, the right platform."

The learning curve when adopting a digital strategy can be steep for farmers. Do your research and start with the tools you’re comfortable with. It can be as simple as your phone.

"Everybody uses apps, so it’s a low barrier of entry. That’s a great place to get started with your data. Make sure you have a platform that is available right on the mobile phone that you carry around every day," he says. "And generally, it’ll grow with you. As you become more comfortable with more advanced tools, the opportunity is there to go deeper and deeper and sit down at a desktop and do a really in-depth analysis. So, I would say the platforms will continue to grow and mature, and as you continue to grow more comfortable, you can go deeper with the tool sets that are made available." 

Once you’ve chosen a platform to invest in, make sure it will work with your existing equipment for data compatibility and file formats.