Compact utility tractor technology

If you have an older compact utility tractor or in the market for a new one, there is technology to help you with staying up to date with maintenance on your machine. John Deere has what’s called a “smart connector” that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device, and there is an app that pairs with it. 

Mark Davey is a marketing manager for John Deere compact tractors. He says you can have the smart connector installed by your dealer when you purchase it, or you can do it yourself. 

"It’s a list price of $99 for the smart connector itself and then you simply go to the app store on your mobile device and download the free tractor plus app from John Deere. Add your serial number information on your equipment and connect it to your machine," says Davey.

The smart connector plugs into the service advisor port on your compact utility tractor and needs no tools for installation.

The app is like an extended dashboard. It gives you real-time information such as the hours on the machine, the fuel level, diagnostic codes, and maintenance intervals.

"So, if you’ve got maintenance coming up it can show you what those maintenance tasks are. You can slide through the various parts that are required to complete that maintenance, as well as be able to select a part and add it to your cart to purchase that part," he says. "So, it makes it really handy to stay on top of your maintenance activities."

The TractorPlus app also gives you access to a library of helpful how-to videos with step-by-step information on topics like machine maintenance, property projects, and more. It’s compatible with most 2-Series, 3-Series, and 4-Series tractors.

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