Consumer Meat Trends

When you go to the grocery store and buy meat, do you only purchase what you know how to prepare? Emerging, innovative products are helping the cooking-challenged consumer.

Kent Harrison is the vice president of marketing for the fresh meats team at Tyson Foods. He says they do consumer monitor studies of beef and pork every year. In terms of pork, their results show many people would buy cuts of pork beyond pork chops - if they knew how to cook it.

Harrison says the latest answer for this problem is meal kits, which are gaining in popularity both online and in stores.

"That is going to grow and grow, you’ll see that at retail across the board," he says. "I think that is a great way for people to experience recipe development, cooking skills. Pork is a fantastic meal kit alternative, it’s a great opportunity for us."

 Most people buy meat with good color and marbling, assuming it will have mouth-watering flavor. Harrison says words that jump out at consumers such as “environment”, “natural”, and “sustainable” can also dictate their perception of meat flavor.

"People get in their heads that quality is tied back to animal attributes and how the animal was raised. Does that necessarily affect the quality of meat in terms of flavor profile? I would argue that truthfully it doesn’t in a blind taste test. But once people think that that’s the case, then it does affect the taste," he says. "As soon as they think this will be better because it is no antibiotics ever, then it will affect what they think of the flavor."

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