Cool Tools For Christmas

Who likes to tinker with tools on the farm?  Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine. He also gets to act like Santa by selecting the latest cool tools and shop supplies to feature as gifts in the magazine, and on the RFD-TV show. He says the new 35-foot version of the DEWALT XP tape measure is a cool tool because of the way it’s designed.

"It has an 1.5” wide high carbon steel blade that provides for 13’ of stand out. This thing can go out 13’ before the tape collapses, and then it has a patented spring system that has two springs in it so that you can take it out all 35’. This guy’s going to come right back at you, in fact it will surprise you when you retract it," says Mowitz. "It’s like shooting a gun off in reverse".

The suggested retail price of this tape measure is $39.99.

There’s been a lot of innovation in cordless tools. Worx has what they call an “artificial intelligence drill,” with three driving modes.

"The safe drive, the drill stops automatically when it reaches a certain amount of torque to drive a screw into almost any material, and then it backs off once the screw head is flush to the surface," he says. "Now in pulse assist, the drill applies just enough bit rotation to drive the screw in snug to the surface without over-tightening or stripping the screw head."

A kit including the drill, battery, and charger retails for $99.

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