EcoBiome Soil Testing

Beneficial microbes in the soil release bound-up nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium so these nutrients can be available to the plant. There is a microorganism responsible for releasing every mineral and nutrient in the soil. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to analyze the soil and know what microbes are there.

Marc Rodriguez is the owner and president of Sentinel Biologics near Houston, Texas. He says they’ve developed a soil test that reveals this mystery.

"We developed the EcoBiome, which is an actual device that’s patent-pending that allows us to look at the soil, put the soil sample through this, and it allows us to actually categorize based on nutrient release the major and the minor micronutrients down the line," says Rodreguez. "So, when we receive a soil sample we’ll be able to actually give you a breakdown of your N,P,K, and all your micronutrient’s microorganisms in the soil like no other lab can."

It takes about a half-pound of soil and three days to do the analysis. The farmer then receives a detailed report.

"How many colonies of that specific nitrogen-fixing bacteria they have, how many colonies of the phosphorous solubilizing and potassium cycling bacteria they have, all broken down line-by-line with their count," he says. "And then based on the data we’ve had historically looking at different soils, we would give a reference guide of the range they should be at to be considered at an optimal level."

He says they also provide recommendations to help farmers with overall fertility inputs.