Emerging Foreign Markets

Poultry in China, beef in Japan, and access to the biofuels segment in Europe are some of the recent successes in reaching agricultural foreign markets.  

Ken Isley is the administrator of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He spoke recently at the 2020 Land Expo in Des Moines and said there are more markets around the world they’re working on getting access to. One of the top priorities is the UK.

"That represents a good opportunity for U.S agriculture, for the United States in general, to negotiate a trade agreement – an opportunity we haven’t had in decades. So, we are going to do that to the mutual benefit of both countries," says Isley. "This year is a transition year, hopefully we’ll get to an agreement that can be implemented 2021 or shortly thereafter."

 India continues to grow in population and advancements in economy. It’s a tough place to do business, but Isley predicts there will be a small trade package that includes agriculture.

Southeast Asia is another area they’re targeting.

"I think of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Countries like that, big populations, growing economic status. And that’s been one of the benefits of some of the disruption and the rerouting and sourcing of products to countries like China," he says. "Us opening, developing, building relationships in some of these countries and economies that are advancing pretty rapidly."

Isley says to also expect some engagement with Africa to get a free trade agreement.