Enhancing Livestock Fertility

If you have high-value show animals and livestock, the ability to reproduce those coveted qualities in the next generation is important for your goals. What they eat matters because there is a relationship between reproduction and good nutrition.

Darin Kuhlow is the president and owner of Cerdos, LLC. He says Fertify is a new fertility-enhancing feed supplement that can be used on goats, sheep, bulls, even in dogs, but the primary market so far has been swine.

"It works by improving the motility, morphology, concentration and volume of semen, of sperm in the boar or any male. On the female side, it helps improve ovulation rate, helps create a healthier uterine environment so we have less embryo death loss and improved survivability," he says. "So, you get better conception rate, larger litters."

The supplement can be fed as a top dress or added directly into the feed at the mill.

"It contains a specific source of omega-e fatty acids, it contains vitamin E and selenium, natural anti-inflammatories, natural anti-oxidants, and a couple of proprietary herbal supplements that have been proven to improve fertility in multiple species," says Kuhlow. "So, it’s a very nutrient-dense product, very high-quality, all natural, and it’s quite costly. That’s why it’s been targeted primarily for higher-value animals."

In females, Kuhlow recommends feeding the supplement three-weeks before breeding, and three-weeks post-breeding. It should be fed to males for six-to-eight-weeks.