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Evaporative Coolers For Livestock

Livestock can suffer from heat stress in the summer months. Providing relief with evaporative cooling is a low-cost way to keep them comfortable in the barn and other livestock facilities.

Misty Wilburn is the marketing manager for Portacool. She says evaporative coolers are more energy-efficient than air conditioning systems and have no coils or chemicals. Water is poured into a reservoir, or you can hook the unit up to a hose and let it self-regulate. A pump in the bottom of the reservoir pumps the water up and over the top of evaporative media.

"We have a high velocity fan on the other side of the media and the fan actually pulls air through the evaporative media that’s wet with water, and the water and the air interact with one another, and the water actually cools the temperature of the air which is then blown out the front of the fan," says Wilburn. "The products never mist, they don’t fog, so you don’t have to worry about your barn getting wet or muddy."

What you buy depends on a few factors such as the size of the livestock and the space. Small units focus on a single animal, and larger coolers can bring relief to an entire stall of animals.

"It helps with not only keeping them happy, but also helps keep their production up. Meaning, they’re going to keep gaining weight, they’re going to keep producing milk, things like that," she says. "And their energy is going to be able to go into that production instead of trying to keep themselves cool."

Evaporative coolers only have two working parts - the water pump and fan motor – so they consume very little power.