Farm state of mind

Is everything ok with you? Economic uncertainty, vulnerability to weather events and limited access to health care add stress to an already-demanding job on the farm. Farmers and ranchers should not have to struggle with the added mental stress all on their own. The American Farm Bureau has an online program called “Farm State of Mind” that is specifically geared toward farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. 

Terri Moore is the organization’s vice president of communications. She says any farmer anywhere can jump on their website to find resources and help if they need some support.

"We have a directory on our website for all across the country, resources for counseling. Our big effort now is just to let everybody know that it’s ok to not to be ok," says Moore. "The stigma associated with mental health support and counseling is so unfortunate because especially in the pandemic, we have recognized that it has been a very, very difficult time for a lot of people."

The directory features listings for crisis hotlines, support lines, counseling services, and other support resources in every state. She says they also provide training for people who interact with farmers and may be able to recognize that somebody might need help.

"We have a whole training program for people just to be able to identify and offer some support. A referral, really, not to be a counselor, but to recognize the signs of when someone may need that support," she says. "So, we have that training program which is free and available."

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