FFA Week

Every year, FFA chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week. It’s a time for members to celebrate the role agriculture plays in their lives and share the message of agricultural education. These young leaders will participate in activities this week with their state and local chapters, and can also get involved with national events such as raising money for member and chapter grants.

Justin Davey is the editor of the FFA New Horizons magazine. He says the FFA organization is healthy and thriving.

"They’ve seen record growth in terms of membership, it just keeps getting larger and larger. It’s becoming more diverse which is exciting for them as an organization," says Davey. "We may commonly think of FFA as a rural organization but it’s becoming more and more urban, which is great. We’re seeing ag programs in urban schools, so it’s a really exciting time for FFA."

As the editor of the magazine, Davey talks to FFA members all over the country, covering their stories and successes. And he’s impressed.

"Often times when I’m talking with FFA members, I feel like I’m just the most inadequate person in the room, which is frankly an exciting thing because it just proves the strength and values that the organization instills in its members," he says. "We see people making what might seem like small impacts in their community, but that could trigger a snowball effect and encourage and empower others locally to do similar things."