Field pocket

After harvest is done, it’s time to gather and organize all the paperwork that goes with it. And hopefully you have all of it in one place.

Peggy Meyer of Superior, Nebraska is a wife, the mother of six kids, and has been taking care of the books on the family farm for 26 years. Recently, they’ve been trying to hone-in profit and loss by field and she was spending many stressful hours with the paperwork trying to figure that out.

Meyer thought there had to be an easier way, so she co-founded data integration software called “Field Pocket”, which launched in September. She says it organizes, manages, and links all contracts, scale tickets, and settlement sheets. 

"So, what Field Pocket does is once all that data is in there it just integrates it all and so within a couple clicks of the button you can get a report saying, ‘this field had so many bushels and this was the net amount from that’. And of course, there’s multiple fields on a settlement sheet, and so then it’s easily put into QuickBooks that way," says Meyer.

She says having everything in one place will be helpful for other needs as well.

"I would think it’s going to save my husband a ton of time when he’s doing crop insurance claims because he could just easily go, oh this is what I need. You have the documents right there, the scale tickets you know, all of that," she says. "And you can filter by field, commodity, elevator, owner share, pretty much whatever is on any of that paperwork."

Meyer says the software is both online and an app for your phone. The annual subscription fee is based on number of acres.