Food Evolution Film

Consumers are fed a lot of information about their food supply, and are looking for the real facts, particularly about GMOs.  A film called “Food Evolution” is an independent investigation into biotechnology, and its importance in helping to feed a growing world population.  It looks back over 20-years of GMOs. The U-S Farm and Ranch Alliance is helping to push out the film for screenings around the United States, primarily on college campuses.

Brad Greenway is a crop and livestock farmer in South Dakota, and chairman of the board of the USFRA. He says the film’s goal is to help people understand why farmers grow GMO crops, the science behind them, and the importance of using science when making decisions about the technology.

"This shows both sides of the issue. I think the neat thing about this film is where the screenings are, they’ve done a lot of, you want to say, focus groups, so people going in before they watch the film," says Greenway. "And there was one case where  absolutely nobody trusted GMO’s at all before they’d seen the film. When they came out, it had completely flipped. And so literally, this film changes people’s minds about GMO’s when they understand the science behind them."

Greenway says they’re proud to be the promoter of the film, but farmers, you should get in on the discussion, too.

"There’s so much disconnect between farming and where our food comes from, and we need to be the ones as farmers to go out and talk to consumers. And it’s through organizations like this that we need to be at the table. As they’re talking about how food is grown and raised, we need to go to the source," says Greenway. "And that’s us as farming and agriculture in general."

Learn more about the film, view upcoming screenings, and even download it yourself.


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