Gasoline Blends

Most of us don’t think much about the gas we put in our vehicles. We pull up to the pump, choose a blend, and fill ‘er up. Almost all U-S gasoline is blended with 10-percent ethanol, but there are special blends called “boutique gasolines”.

Ray Bohacz is Successful Farming’s engineman. He says boutique gasolines are refined to achieve a certain goal, such as air quality standards. For example, you’ll find these on the west coast.

"You would go to California and that would be a boutique gasoline that’s in Los Angeles. It’ll be a different chemical composition than the gasoline that is in the mountains of California or in the rural farmlands of California," he says. "And that has to do with the emissions that the gasoline creates when it is burned. So, they’re boutique blends."

There is a whole industry created around “canned gasoline” for small engines. Bohacz says it’s an excellent product, but one of the industry’s talking points is that it’s ethanol-free. He’s concerned about the impression it gives that ethanol is bad in gasoline, which isn’t true.

"I’m an engine guy, and I think ethanol in gasoline is great. And why do I think it’s great? Because number one it’s an American fuel, number two it’s a renewable fuel, and number three it burns very cleanly," says Bohacz. "So, all of this hub-bub about ethanol being bad in gasoline really has no basis whatsoever. Is it different than gasoline was 30-years ago? Of course it is, but gasoline without ethanol is different than it was 30-years ago also."

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