Generation Z And Agriculture

A study released by communications agency Osborn Barr is showing how the next generation is viewing farming and ranching. The agency nationally surveyed 18-to-22-year-olds, also known as “Generation-Z”, who were raised on a farm.

Richard Fordyce is the company’s Ag Advisory Council chairman. He says one of the questions asked about their intention to return to the farm. Fifty-four percent of the respondents said they want to take over the family business someday. Of those who don’t plan to farm, sporadic income was the main reason why.

Fordyce says not surprising is Gen-Z’s willingness to adopt new technology, since it’s been a part of their lives since they’ve been on the planet.

"What’s kind of exciting about it is, they will not only adopt and utilize technology, they’re going to demand new technologies and improvements on existing ones," he says. "And they’re also going to be the ones that develop those advancements and new innovations in technology because they are so comfortable with it."

The survey also shows Gen-Z knows ag issues and has more trust in government than their parents. They are less loyal to brand names, and more peer-driven when making decisions.

Fordyce says this is important to understand because this group will be in future leadership positions.

"In my experience interacting with this generation, they are probably more engaged at a younger age in ag issues. They understand at a very high level, I think, what the issues are in agriculture – good and bad – and probably are better-equipped to articulate solutions," says Fordyce.

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