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Herbicide-Resistant Sorghum

The number one yield-robbing issue for sorghum growers is weeds and grass. But trying to control grass weeds in a grass crop has been difficult. Conventional sorghums are treated with an antidote so herbicides can be applied to control pesky summer grasses. That step is changing with the release of the world’s first herbicide-tolerant grain sorghum called “igrowth”. Since the igrowth seed is already resistant to herbicides, it allows producers to spray for weed control without causing damage to the crop.

Tanner Antonick is a salesman for Advanta Seeds. He says the new trait technology is a huge tool in the sorghum grower’s toolbox.

"For the first time we’re going to allow growers to go post-emerge with an in-season application of imazamox for grass and broadleaf control. When they come in up to 36” in height they’ll be able to spray on the technology, but early season control is better," says Antonick. "But they’ll be able to spray over the top and have some residual as well."

Antonick says growers in big sorghum regions of Australia and Argentina have already been through one full production year of igrowth with good results. Testing will start in the United States this year.

"We are waiting on the label approval which will come around early summer. But because of that we’re going to wait for the full commercial launch until 2021. With that said, we will have large demo locations throughout the central United States, we’ll also be working with universities and having them have access to the technology," he says. "So, this upcoming summer we’ll go through the stewardship processes and give growers the opportunity to start booking their seed."

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