Livestock water recycling

A Canadian start-up company is working to replace lagoons and other liquid manure holding facilities with technology that reduces the overall volume of manure on the farm.

Lisa Fast is the marketing coordinator for the company called Livestock Water Recycling. She says their goal is to make manure management smarter, and food production more sustainable and productive. It only takes one hour for their patented nutrient recovery system to transform the liquid manure into fertilizers for crops, and the rest into clean water.

"This water is completely nutrient-free. The producer can choose how much water they want to make, but anywhere from 60% up to 75% of the liquid volume," she says. "And, this water can be reused for crop irritation, cleaning, cooling, watering of livestock. It is certainly potable water at the end of the process."

She says besides transforming the manure, farms that use the system have seen many other benefits as well.

"Reduced transport and handling costs associated with traditional manure practices. It’s expensive to move manure. When we can package it up in different products it becomes much more economical to move. There’s less odor around the farm so there’s a positive impact on surrounding communities," says Fast. "And, we’ve seen an incredible effect on animal health as a result of reductions in manure storage and manure handling activities."

The system has been used primarily on hog and dairy farms, but she says there is also interest in this technology from horse farms, cattle operations, camel farms, and wastewater treatment on mushroom farms.