Martha Stewart's Farm

Martha Stewart was raised on a 5th of an acre in Nutley, New Jersey. The lifestyle mogul says her father was a backyard gardener. She developed a love and passion for growing things, and he taught her the foundation of practices she now uses on her 150-acre property in Bedford, New York.

Stewart was in Des Moines, Iowa in January as a keynote speaker for the Land Investment Expo. She talked about her many animals and gardens, building soil health, sustainability efforts, and her quest to never waste anything, even trees lost after a hurricane.

"So, after the trees are ground by the tub grinder, they are then put into great big windrows, all the chips, and layered with all the horse manure, all the litter from the chicken coops, the donkeys, whatever,"she says. "We add granular lime, we add other nutrients, minerals, and we make really beautiful compost."

Stewart pays very close attention to what goes into her compost, which she calls “black gold”.

"The vegetable matter goes to the chickens, the chickens lay eggs all year long. I take those to my office for the test kitchens, they in turn give me all the compost from the test kitchens and I take it home almost every day," says Stewart. "The chickens get their greens, they get all the really delicious vegetable matter from the kitchens, and the eggs are the best."

Martha is hands-on. She planted 13,000 trees, cleans out the chicken coops, and even plows the four miles of roads that cross her property. I don’t know when she sleeps.