National Ag Day

Far too many people these days are unaware of the role of agriculture in their daily lives, and what it really takes to have food on their dinner table. Today is National Ag Day. Go find farmers, give them big hugs, and thank these men and women for the food and fiber they produce for our nation.

Isabella Chism is chair of the Agriculture Council of America. She says everyone relies on agriculture for the very necessities of life from the moment they’re born till the day they die.

"Looking at National Ag Day, I look at that as just a celebration," says Chism. "So, every year we have a birthday, every year we remember all the things that we have done in the past year, and all the ways that agriculture has touched our lives. Hopefully, bridging that gap between the consumer and the producer."

Most of the Ag Day activities are happening at a grassroots level all over the country from events in grocery stores, to field trips to local farms, to displays at the library. Chism says there’s lots going on at the national level, too.

"We will be in D.C. We will have a USDA event where we have the President’s proclamation read that this is National Ag Day," she says. "Then, we have a Press Club event where we hope to have a group of young, collegiate members that are going to be talking with Secretary of Ag Sonny Perdue about the future of agriculture."

 As part of the commemoration, students across the country entered the National Ag Day essay and video contest. They were to demonstrate how agriculture impacts their daily life and how it will feed the world with the growing population.