Pasture Weed Control

Effective weed control in the pasture is critical for quality forage production, and for cattle producers to maximize their investment. There are some extremely hard-to-control weeds and every innovation will help producers get the upper hand.

Scott Flynn is a Pasture and Land Management Field Specialist with Corteva AgriSciences. He says after several years of field trials, they submitted a new pasture herbicide to the EPA for registration. It’s the first new active ingredient for pastures and rangeland in over 10 years. It’s called DuraCor, and is expected to control more than 140 broadleaf weed species.

"It’s centered around a new active called Rinskor, and it brings a lot more spectrum to our current portfolio. In particular, we see the carrot family which encompasses things like wild carrot, wild parsnip, giant hogweed, poison hemlock, it is excellent on those particular species," says Flynn. "And it is also bringing excellent control later season on some problematic weeds like ironweed."

He says the product can be used anytime from April till November with a high degree of pasture grass safety, and cattle can graze immediately.  It’s also easy to handle.

"This mixes with liquid UAN easily where GrazonNext didn’t. And, it also has a play in the dry fertilizer market where you can actually take this herbicide, treat it on dry fertilizer and then spread it on the pasture so that you get weed control and soil fertility done on one pass."