Pour-On Pain Control For Cattle

Nobody likes getting an injection when they’re sick or in pain and that includes cattle. There is a much kinder and gentler way to treat them without using the needle. Banamine transdermal is the first FDA-approved pour-on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for pain control in cattle. It’s formulated to penetrate through tough cow hide and into the bloodstream where it’s carried to the areas of inflammation.

Dr. Tim Parks is the technical services manager for Merck Animal Health. He says it’s labeled for pain associated with foot rot, and for fever caused by bovine respiratory disease.

"It’s labeled as a one-time treatment associated with the condition that you’re treating," says Parks. "We pour it right down the back, it comes in a container that has a calibrated cylinder. We squeeze up the dose that’s required, it’s 3cc’s per-100 pounds. We’re going to start up between the withers and pour it down the back."

Parks says this type of pain medication approach is much easier on the animal - and the person delivering it.

"We look at animal well-being, which is a very large topic right now starting from the consumer all the way through production units. This allows us to leave the needle out, we don’t have to give an injection," he says. "There’s just some benefits of this product over the injectable. Ease of application, less stress on the animal, as well as safety to the animal and the administrator of the product. A little longer duration of activity than what’s been seen with the injectable formulation."

Parks recommends visiting with your veterinarian to see if this prescription treatment option would work in your operation.