Precision Ag Review

Precision technology in agriculture is constantly changing and it’s hard for farmers to get unbiased information and opinions on what’s out there. is a website program started by the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff. The site is designed as a peer-to-peer education and information center by collecting farmer-only reviews for all brands and models of precision ag equipment.

Stacie McCracken is the project manager. She says there are four categories – hardware, imagery, software, and drones.  

"They can go on and see the reviews their peers have provided for the product. There’s an overall average and then you can see the individual reviews that are ranking cost, ease of use, value, and tech support," says McCracken. "The website also has an expert advice section in which we have precision ag experts and farmers who are actively using the technology."

McCracken says they have a process to prevent product companies and manufacturers from posting and skewing the results.

"Before any of the reviews go up on the site, we actually approve them. So, we’re able to check if the same reviews or the same names are starting to show up, or we have a weird influx of a certain product receiving reviews or if someone is using a spammy email or an email coming from the domain of a manufacturer. You can kind of also see from the language," she says. " We’ve had some reviews in which maybe they’re a little too detailed or using too many of the industry buzzwords."