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Private well class

Private wells are not federally regulated so it’s up to each well owner to be proactive in keeping their drinking water safe. Experts say the two biggest issues with private wells and drinking water quality are poor well construction issues, and a lack of well owner knowledge and education.

Katie Buckley is a water resources outreach specialist at the University of Illinois. She says they have a comprehensive online national education and outreach program called “Private Well Class”.

"It’s self-paced and has a total of ten PDF lessons with each lesson being sent to your email once a week for 10 weeks," says Buckley. "Our class, along with other resources are all completely free, and we have webinars, podcasts, videos, and all these other things that support the class available on our website."

That website is You'll find many resources to help you understand the important concepts related to maintaining a safe private well and water supply.

This site is beneficial to well professionals, too and can help bridge the communication gap with owners. Together, professional and owner can do a complete assessment of the well that will come in handy in the future.

"It’s about nine pages long, that makes up the form. And a lot of times once it’s complete, the well log, if it’s available, can be attached along with sampling results or pictures of the well," she says. "It’s really valuable to know ten years down the road that ten years ago maybe there was a certain feature, or something is no longer there. This is something the well owner can always have and turn to when they have any sort of issue with their well."

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