Progressive Ag Day - Vaping Awareness

Nearly every state in the nation has one day during the year when communities offer a program to teach farm, ranch, and home safety to children ages four-to-13. Progressive Agriculture Safety Days are sponsored by the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. There are dozens of topics to choose from and each community chooses what fits the culture in their area.

A new topic is being added to the curriculum this year – vaping. More and more youth are picking up e-cigarettes and vaping-related illnesses are also increasing.

Jana Davidson is the organization’s education content specialist. She says they’re working with the Truth Initiative out of Washington, D.C., which is a nonprofit public health organization to end tobacco use among young people. Davidson says with their help, they plan to tackle the subject in a way that’s fun and educational.

For the youngest kids who may not understand vaping, they will talk with them about the environmental factors.

"They need to be disposed of in a certain way which a lot of people don’t know, they’re just throwing them in the trash or maybe they’re just discarding them, you know, alongside the road. That can be detrimental because it can put chemicals into the ground just like cigarette butts. They don’t decompose like most people think," says Davidson. "So, we talk about that with our younger kids."

The older kids will do some e-cigarette myth-busting.

"And do it with a Jeopardy game with them where they’ll find out what they really know about vaping and Juul’s compared to what they’re hearing from the outside world, what those companies are trying to tell them about it being safe," she says. "So, we’ll break that down in that game."