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Propane Farm Incentive Program

If you’re planning on purchasing new equipment this year, consider fueling it with propane. Propane is clean-burning, portable, and stores very well. Supplies are abundant and expected to keep growing over time.

Mike Newland is the director of ag business development with the Propane Education and Research Council. The organization partners with manufacturers and he says monetary incentives are offered each year on a wide variety of innovative equipment.

"Irrigation engines, building heat systems, hot water systems, so commercial on-demand hot water systems that can be used on the farm, as well as weed flaming technology. And then we’re also adding a new segment, what I call agronomic heat treating," says Newland. "There are some companies that are working on using heat from propane to disrupt the life cycles of insects and diseases."

Propane-powered equipment can reduce fuel use, energy consumption and lower overall costs. The incentives offer a way to try it out with upfront savings.

"On an irrigation engine for instance, it’s $300 per liter of displacement. In general, we talk up to $5,000, that’s the cap for any of our incentives and it’s just based on the category and the size of the system that you put in," he says.

In exchange, participants agree to share feedback and their performance data with the Propane Education and Research Council. It helps them develop new technology and new products for the industry. Funding is limited so farmers are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible.

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