Reclaiming the acreage

Kris McCaskill lives on 16 acres in Florida which she and her husband were able to maintain until he became sick and after a long battle, passed away. She couldn’t keep up with maintenance around the acreage and had to sell their equipment – including a tractor – to pay for medical expenses.

Successful Farming held a sweepstakes contest with the winner receiving a CT2025 Bobcat compact tractor and attachments, which included a front-end loader and grader. There were thousands of entries, and Kris was chosen as the winner. The first thing she did was pick up tree limbs from a storm in the bucket. The second thing really made her day.

"Where some of the trees were taken up it’s rough, I have smoothed out a couple holes, that was thrilling. That was very exciting," says Kris. "At this point in my life it’s so funny that the least little things thrill me but being able to fill up a hole is one of them."

Kris plans to smooth out her lane, take down a fence row, and clean around the edge of her pond. She says that she washes the Bobcat every time she uses it. Not only is the tractor looking spiffy, so is her acreage.

"I don’t mind coming home now because the outside looks so pretty, you know, because I’ve been able to bush hog and everything. I used to dread coming home from work because you couldn’t hardly see the house, it was so grown up, and just looked so terrible," she says. "I had company come over this weekend to deliver something and they were like, your place is just so beautiful, all this property is so beautiful. I said, thank you. I said, I have a tractor I can keep it cut now so it’s always going to be beautiful."

The prize is valued at more than $20,000, but she says the transformation she’s working to accomplish is worth much more.

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