Smart Water Monitoring

Most growers don’t know what’s in the ground or surface water they’re using for crops unless they collect a sample and send it to a lab for testing. A new company called KETOS is on the forefront of water testing intelligence. They have a system that gives farmers access to real-time groundwater monitoring and pollutant measurements. It also has predictive maintenance capabilities.

Meena Sankaran is the company CEO. She says the device, which looks like a mini suitcase, is installed next to a well or water source that is to be tested.

"It’s completely automated. So, once you plug it in, everything is very user-driven for a farmer to use from a mobile phone," says Sankaran. "We as KETOS come in and set up everything, so the farmer doesn’t have to decide who’s going to learn this new technology for my team? We provide the farmer so that the data they’re focused on is just about their water quality and how that affects their crops."

With lab-precision, the system can detect the presence of 23 different compounds and contaminants in the water including arsenic, boron, nitrates, and other elements that could diminish crop yield or pose a food security threat.

"It’s extremely modular so a customer does not have to get all or nothing, they can actually have a few parameters that they start with," she says. "And the most important thing is changing the mindset of how they look at frequency of testing. Testing does not have to be so expensive."

She says they offer unlimited sampling and testing for a flat fee each month.

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